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If you're not a developer you don't need to bother with this module, it actually helps us to adapt our scripts to frameworks more easily.

Aquiver module helps us to handle the specified framework functions.

You can easily just change the selected framework and everything should work automatically.

Supported frameworks​

  • QBCore
  • ESX Legacy
  • Hopefully more will be added as I develop the script.

Supported mysql resources​

  • oxmysql
  • mysql-async


Install module on serverside.
npm i @aquiversdk/server
Install module on clientside.
npm i @aquiversdk/client -D
Install module on shared.
npm i @aquiversdk/shared -D

Use in resource(s)​


If you are using an IDE you will have the type checkings by typing Aquiver.Config.

Typescript example (serverside)
import * as Aquiver from "@aquiversdk/server";

Aquiver.Config.Framework = "ESX_LEGACY";
Aquiver.Config.sqlResource = "oxmysql";