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Installing & dependencies.


You need to have a basic understanding of .lua programming to get started.

Inventories are not drag & drop and play resources.


  • oxmysql (or you can modify the sql export functions)
  • Server version atleast 4752. (to support lua54 & escrow)
  • Aquiver Lib

Installation steps

  1. Extract the .zip and copy the folder in your resources folder.
  2. Import the .sql file into your database.
  3. start avp_inventory_4

Config Functions


We have needed this function to only create the trunks & glovebox for the vehicles which are exist on the server eg. not Ped vehicles.

Basically, in this function you have to check that the plate what the player is trying to access is valid on the serverside or not. (We have an example function already in the code implemented)

Converting ESX items

For more information please click here.